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Five Traits of Successful Medical Recruiters

Healthcare Recruitment Wondering if you could find a job as a health care recruiter? Thinking of making a career change? Make sure you take a look at the following five traits to becoming a successful healthcare recruiter.

Though there are certain certificate courses which might help groom you for a career in healthcare recruitment. But the following are a few qualities which all individuals wanting to choose a career in it should possess.

The ability to communicate well

Are you the sort of person who could easily strike up a conversation with just about anyone? Perhaps you can engage even the most quite individuals with your wit and charm? This ability to communicate should come across even while you are talking on the phone. As a medical recruiter you would have to spend ages making hundreds of phone calls per day. This ability to sound approachable and trustworthy over the phone could come in pretty handy.

 Sharp memory

The ability to retain information and use it when required is pretty important for a health recruiter. Since you would be speaking to a myriad of medical personals that each has a set requirement, your memory skills would be tested time and again. Your memory would serve you well to provide these customers with great service every time. The better your memory the easier it would be for you to get the hang of the job.


Competitiveness would help you go places as a medical recruiter. Though there is no need for a cut throat attitude, an air of friendly competition does exist in various companies. Your competitive nature is your best motivation. It would allow you to outdo yourself every time and excel at your job as well. if you are naturally competitive by nature, this is the perfect job for you.

Willing to work long hours

As a medical recruiter you might have to work a forty hour week or maybe more. At times most medical staff isn’t available for talks during the day, the willingness to work beyond evenings would be helpful as well.

Being resilient and diligent

As a healthcare recruiter you might have to face rejection a number of times. However patience and perseverance would serve you well. Instead of letting these small set-backs take their toll, it would be better to diligently pursue your goal.

 Sales or marketing Experience

It would help a great deal if you already have some experience in marketing or hold a degree in sales, marketing or business. The major work which most health recruiters do is to market jobs to various health professionals like nurses and care givers. On the other hand they might also have to work on behalf of medical organizations and choose for them the personal which they require.

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